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Giovanni Sollima, “Daydream”

Written, directed and edited by Lasse Gjertsen
Music: First part “Terra Aria“, cd Sony ‘Works’: https://itunes.apple.com/it/album/wor…
Second part “Concerto Rotondo“, cd Decca ‘Onyricon’: https://itunes.apple.com/it/album/ony…
Produced by Casa Musicale Sonzogno, 2007
Presented during the Cinema Festival of Cannes and Turin in 2008

Giovanni Sollima, “Fandango”

Inspired by ‘Fandango‘ by Luigi Boccherini
From the movie ‘La Jota‘ by Carlos Saura (2016)
Dancer: Valeriano Paños
Interviews: Miguel Angel Berna, Carlos Saura, Manuela Adamo

Giovanni Sollima “Caprice de Chaconne” di Francesco Corbetta (CA.1615-1681)

Directed by Gian Maria Musarra
Arrangement by Giovanni Sollima
Giovanni Sollima cello
Produced by Animalta 2016

Giovanni Sollima, 2Cellos, Mischa Maisky ” Thunderstruck “

Cello Coupé: the final concert of the Cello Biennale Amsterdam 2014
Cello: Giovanni Sollima, Misha Maisky, Luka Sulic, Stjepan Hauser

Giovanni Sollima, Back stage of “Onyricon”

Giovanni Sollima – Onyricon, la sostanza dei sogni
Backstage of the recording
Direction and editing: Daniele Martinis

Giovanni Sollima, Ice Cello
‘Gelido in ogni vena’ from “Farnace” by Antonio Vivaldi

N-Ice Cello‘ Tour
January 29th 2018, Muse Museum, Trento

The ‘N-Ice Cello’ Tour is a project conceived by the musician and music manager Corrado Bungaro with the luthier-sculptor Tim Linhart, realized in collaboration with the Muse Museum.


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