1Natural Songbook I: Preludio for cello solo
2Natural Songbook II: Toccata for cello solo
3Natural Songbook III: Variazioni for cello solo
4Natural Songbook IV: Pizzica roots for cello and percussions
5Sonata 2050 for cello and piano
6Sonata 2050 for cello and piano Mosso
7Sonata 2050 for cello and piano Andante calmo
8Natural Songbook V: Hora for cello ensemble

9Natural Songbook VI: after Satie Gymnopédie No.1, for cello solo
10Natural Songbook VII: after Joplin Maple Leaf Rag, for cello solo
11Natural Songbook VIII: after O’ Carolan for cello ensemble and percussions
12Natural Songbook IX: The Lass of Peatie’s Mill for cello solo
13Natural Songbook X: Virgil’s Cello after W.Allen “Take the money and run” for cello ensemble and sampler
14Natural Songbook XI: Siciliana for cello ensemble
15Citarruni from The Taranta Project for viola, 2 cellos and percussions

16The N-ice Cello Concerto I: Andante for ice cello and orchestra
17The N-ice Cello Concerto II: Allegro
18The N-ice Cello Concerto III: Adagio/Andante
19Natural Songbook XII: Postludio for cello solo


Format : CD